Bell Canyon

Bell Canyon is a small community that is very affluent and upscale with just over 2,000 residents. This area of the San Fernando Valley offers picturesque views nearby and some large and lavish homes for those who can afford to live in this fantastic community. With so many people in the area that will have a lot of pull on their time between work, social events, philanthropy and different activities for kids, the need to have a cleaning service take care of all cleaning needs for this upscale neighborhood is obvious.

MaidServe is more than happy to become the cleaning service used most for Bell Canyon. Their cleaning philosophy, reputation and service help to make MaidServe the best choice in the entire area. Many other cleaning companies can claim a top level cleaning service, but just don’t know how to provide the service the residents of Bell Canyon need.

MaidServe starts off by ensuring all of its agents have undergone a full five point comprehensive training program that not only covers the proper cleaning of any space, residential or commercial, but also covers proper etiquette when inside and interacting with the occupants of the home or business. Once completed, MaidServe requires all agents to carry the equipment, supplies and cleaning solvents needed to get the job done right the first time. This point alone is a huge difference between MaidServe and other cleaning services which generally require the customer to have the equipment on hand to do the cleaning.

In addition to the training and equipment, MaidServe guarantees the work of all its agents which gives clients a peace of mind to know the job will be done right the first time and any issues that are discovered will be addressed quickly and professionally.

With over twenty years of exemplary service MaidServe has been the leader for quality and customer satisfaction for many years in the Southern California area. With all this knowledge MaidServe is the right choice to serve the residents of Bell Canyon and make sure they experience the highest quality of cleaning possible.

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