Universal City

Universal City is the area owned in the San Fernando Valley by Universal Studios and is home to many of the studios and attractions that are in place to help Universal Studios make the shows and movies that it produces for public enjoyment. Obviously a studio such as this is going to need some cleaning to be able to continually be properly maintained and offer its stages and studios for use.

MaidServe offers a premium cleaning service to both residential and commercial clients and can handle all cleaning needs of the Universal City so the studio area and surrounding buildings will always be properly cleaned and ready for use. Their unique and comprehensive cleaning service has proven to be unmatched in the Southern California area.

MaidServe is set apart first with their five point training program that fully trains agents regarding the right way to clean a space along with how to behave when in the space and interacting with the occupants. Along with the great training offered, all agents of MaidServe carry their own equipment, supplies and cleaning solvents to make sure the job gets done right.

Many other cleaning companies don’t offer the convenience of having an agent carry their own supplies and equipment, making this burden a responsibility of the client. With such a vast area to clean at Universal City, this alone would require several sets of equipment in order to get the job done, which would be an added expense on the front end of the relationship.

With over twenty years of service in Southern California, MaidServe gives clients a peace of mind knowing they are working with a company that has a proven reputation for both professionalism and quality of work. If there ever is an issue with the cleaning service, MaidServe guarantees all its work, allowing clients to know the job will be done at or above their expectations.

With the hustle and bustle of trying to make movies and shows for the public to enjoy, the staff at Universal City doesn’t have the time or desire to have to clean the area. Hiring MaidServe solves this problem and leaves behind a sparkle and shine for all to enjoy.

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